Parakito mosquito repellent

snowrrl wears Parakito
Wearing the Parakito wrist band during a hike in a swampy area near Boulder, Colorado

The Parakito mosquito repellent wristband was one of the first products ever reviewed by snowgrrl.  At this year’s SnowShow, I reconnected with the brand.  I discovered their awesome new line of “party” Parakito mosquito repellent products!  Therefore, I had to check it out!

Parakito offers a natural solution to a big problem.  As discussed previously, a hike in a swampy/buggy place normally yields at least a half dozen mosquito bites, because this snowgrrl is both sweet and scared of chemicals like DEET.  Besides offering a non-chemical solution, Parakito also has jazzed up the line a bit.  The new “party” line of wristbands adds a little pep to basic primary-colored wristbands.  Happily, with the help of the Parakito mosquito repellent band, bug bites may become a thing of the past!  Here I describe the product, testing, and result.

The product

First of all, the unique product stands out from other mosquito repellents.  The wristband contains a replaceable pellet that’s described as “a blend of essential oils with patented slow-release technology.”  To me, it smelled like a citronella candle, and I put it on my wrist next to my cool Base Project bracelet and forgot about it.   According to Parakito, release of the natural oils’ active ingredients into the air around the wearer masks the scents of human breath and bodies, making it harder for mosquitoes to find you.  Parakito describes the Parakito mosquito repellent as:

  • containing natural active ingredients and essential oil diffusion;
  • light weight;
  • adjustable;
  • appropriate for all climate zones; and
  • waterproof
Lake near Boulder

Walden Pond

The test and result

Next, Parakito’s claims about the Parakito mosquito repellent band sounded good to me, so I was excited to test it out.  Because it doesn’t contain DEET, I was skeptical about whether insects would stay away.  I wore the Parakito wrist band during a 1.5 hour hike around Walden Pond (which has been transformed from a gravel pit into a “flourishing wetland habitat” and was full of bird watchers on the day we went) near Boulder.  Though the day was hot, muggy, and full of bugs flying around,  neither my dog nor I felt any big bites after, despite the fact that insects were visible all around the lake.  Having a natural solution to a “pesky” problem makes this snowgrrl happy!  Most importantly, I ended the hike bug bit free!