Wanderlust = yoga + more for the 21st century!

Our guest writer Tova had the opportunity to attend  Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass at the beginning of July 2015.  The following are her effusive comments about the festival!

Wanderlust yogis

Wanderlust community. Photo by T. Kawa. Copyright 2015.

What a great experience Wanderlust provided in Snowmass village this year!  I’ve been practicing yoga for many, many years and this was the first time I’ve seen so many fellow “yogis” come together.   Wanderlust combines so many different types of yoga; outdoor activities such as hikes and yoga on stand-up paddle boards; a “market” where you can purchase retro/hippie style clothing (made from organic cotton fabric, of course); live music; and interesting, thought-provoking talks such as Moby discussing “nature, science and the divine.”  Approximately 3300 attended the festival, with each session packing in anywhere from 50 to 250 or more participants.  The bigger classes, held in massive sized conference rooms, contained  a sea of yoga mats filling the entire floor space.  A sight to behold; a community formed over just a few short days!

Wanderlust marketplace – photo by T. Kawa. Copyright 2015

Wanderlust Snowmass 2015

Wanderlust Snowmass 2015

Wanderlust very successfully brings yoga to the younger crowd and into the 21st century…from classes with titles like ” Duuude, My Shoulders!” to “Aireal Yoga: Power Core” and “What the F%+#! Yoga Isn’t About Being Perfect!” to “Inner Stability, Outer Fluidity” held in a dark room complete with Black Light and fluorescent props. And for those needing respite between all that stretching, chakra balancing, and all those downward facing dogs, there were many interesting talks, lively music venues, shopping and eating!