Avalanche tops review

Hanging out in the Avalanche Chalet zip sweatshirt and Mogul legging

Consistent with all snowgrrl reviews of products tested, this review states my honest opinion about Avalanche tops received at no charge from Avalanche Apparel.

Avalanche Apparel is a family-owned and operated outdoor apparel company that has been around since 1987.   The company aims to design and manufacture high quality yet affordable outerwear and activewear.  My testing over several months of multiple items shows that the company has met this goal with respect to most of the Avalanche tops I tried.

Items Tested

  • Chalet full zip sweatshirt
  • Mt. Blanca base layer crew and half zip
  • Mogul legging
  • Solare short sleeve top
  • My friends tested the Pavement Quilted Hoody and Twist pullover
  • And my dog tested the Doggie rain coat

This review focuses on the sweatshirts and hoodies.

Initial reaction

I opened the large box from Avalanche with great anticipation. Soft and cozy looking clothes peered out, including the butter-soft base layers, leggings, and sweatshirts.  The clothes all appeared to be of good quality and reasonably stylish.  The look and feel of the clothes seemed to be a great fit for the laid-back lifestyle in Denver and the Colorado mountain towns where I spend most of my time.  I ensconced myself in the softness of the Chalet full zip sweatshirt right away, and barely wanted to take it off.  Instead, I wore it several days in a row until it was finally time to throw it in the wash.

Where was it tested?

My friends and I wore the Avalanche tops over several months in Denver and mountain resort towns.  Temperatures ranged from the 30s to the high 50s during our unusually warm winter.

How did it perform?


  • Chalet full zip sweatshirt

    Checking out the Avalanche apparel on top of the Halycon hotel in Denver

  • Pavement Quilted Hoody
  • Twist pullover

The Avalanche tops get five stars from me and my testers.  The Chalet full zip was comfy, cozy and flattering.  It stood up to several washes with not even a loose thread.  Similarly, the Pavement Quilted Hoody quickly became my friend Angela’s favorite top ever.  I think I saw her wear it for a week straight . . . she finally had to take it off when she spilled mustard on it.  The Twist pullover got a rave review from my sister, who enjoyed looking stylish during her very limited downtime.  She loves the super soft fabric and longer length of the top.

Room for Improvement?

The Chalet full zip sweatshirt, while comfy and roomy, could have curved seams to make it a little more flattering on the body.  Otherwise, we do not have any suggestions for ways to improve the Avalanche tops.


The Avalanches sweatshirt, hoody and pullover are all highly recommended.  Stay tuned for review of the other Avalanche items in a future post!

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