7 types of guys you’ll date in a ski town in your 30s or older

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Editor’s Note:  Author Stacy Gold is back with tips on dating in a ski town…  this month,  discussing a slightly older demographic!

Dating in a ski town presents certain unique challenges.  Whether you live in a ski town or not, life changes as you get older. Injuries happen, interests shift, business are started.  Even most ski bums grow willing to take on a little more responsibility as they head into their thirties.  Working three low-level jobs gets tough to stomach after a few years, even if the mountain still calls.  Working so much, for so little pay, gets tiresome no matter how much you’re skiing.

After juggling days on the hill with nights playing bartender, or whatever other gig they’ve found, some dedicated ski bums give up the dream.  These men move away from a ski town to “get a real job”.  Those who stay typically find a better way to fund their dream life.  Men who have remained in a ski town in their thirties are likely to start thinking about the future, instead of just the powder turns they’ll make that day.  Dating in a ski town may be part of the way these men begin to construct a firm vision for their futures.

The transformation from ski bum to thoughtful planner is good news if you’re a single woman who loves to ski and lives (or wants to live) in a resort town.  Exceptions to the rules always exist.  But, if you’re in your thirties, chances are that dating in a ski town will involve guys who fall into one of the following categories…

Seven types of ski-town guys aged 30+:

1.  The dirtbag

He’s been a parking lot attendant/dishwasher/liftie for years for the free season pass and time to ski every day. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just know he prioritizes skiing first and foremost. If you’re okay with being second in his life, or want something casual, go for it.

2. The trust funder

Here’s a guy who can afford ski town life without working three jobs. He can be a ton of fun, but with inherited wealth often comes extra baggage. Just sayin’.

3.  The wealthy bored gentleman

See that man driving the high-end sportscar (or SUV), alone? The one who’s always at the nicest bar in town, alone? Maybe you could provide some excitement in his life while he wines and dines you. He might or might not join you skiing every day, so dating him depends on how important that is to you.

4.  The entrepreneur

The great thing about ski town entrepreneurs is they’re not afraid to close shop for a powder day. So if you’re looking for a man who happily takes on responsibility but still knows how to have fun, this guy can be a great choice.

5.  The remote worker

Here’s a guy who’s figured out how to have a “real job” and live in a ski town. He’s probably got his priorities right.  He balances real world work with days (most likely, partial days) on the hill.

6.  The gold digger

Yes, there really are men looking for a wealthy woman to be their sugar mama.  See that devastatingly handsome man sipping a water at the bar, who claims (with a sexy foreign accent) to have forgotten his wallet?  Watch out.  Thankfully, they are few and far between.

7.  The ski bum with a real job

In a small resort towns good jobs are scarce. Those who land them are often smart, fun, and hard-working. If you and your lifestyles mesh, he could be a great life and adventure partner.

About the Author

Stacy Gold is an avid telemark skier who spent the better part of her twenties ski-bumming in Breckenridge, Whitefish, and Jackson Hole. She’s owned 23 season passes, still skis 40 days a year, and insisted her husband learn to ski as a condition of marriage. In 2014, Stacy gave up her day job as Communications Director of a nonprofit mountain biking organization to write sassy, steamy, contemporary romance novels.

Stacy’s stories showcase strong, independent women finding love and adventure in the great outdoors. In Deep, the second novella in her steamy Emerald Mountain ski series debuted January 31, 2018.

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