Greening of the Snowsports industry, part 3: kindness

In parts 1 and 2 of this series, we discussed green initiatives by several manufacturers and the snowsports industry group.  In addition to companies monitoring their supply chain and manufacturing process, several apparel manufacturers also aim to “do good” while they keep us looking good on the slopes.

Turtle Fur has a “Giving” campaign where the company donates $1.00 for every item sold on to a not-for-profit organization.  The initiative began in November 2015 and as of February 2016, the company donated more than $8,000 to organizations such as No Barriers Warriors, Vermont Foodbank, My Stuff Bags and the Adaptive Sports Center to date. Turtle Fur also donated over 8,000 pieces of product as part of the Project Warmth program this winter.  Project Warmth began in 2008 with the idea of not wanting seconds or overruns to go to waste. When the program started Turle Fur reached out to Vermont based organizations to see if they had a need for winter items that we could help fill.  Today the Project Warmth Initiative starts by first helping homeless shelters, hospitals, schools, family centers and more in Vermont and then expands to a national level.  In addition, through its Artisan Hand Made Nepal Collection, Turtle Fur maintains a long-standing relationship throughout Nepal, and has reached out to make earthquake relief effort a personal commitment for the company. Turtle Fur has made an initial donation of $10,000 to aid in relief efforts for those affected by the recent earthquakes in Nepal.

Next, Agent Outerwear runs a Get Warm, Give Warm mission.  Any time a new Agent Outerwear coat is purchased, the company gives a brand new coat to a child in need.  But they don’t just drop off boxes of coats at the front door of at-risk schools.  As part of this mission, company representatives visit select schools around the country that are most in need of coat donations for their children. Along with the coats, Agent Outerwear’s agents bring a day full of joy and excitement to kids that really deserve it.  They fill the school gym with games and activities while the children get custom fitted for their brand new winter coats. In the party-like atmosphere, kids get to try their hand at virtual snowboarding, take their best shot at the Yeti Snowball Slam and even save a village from an avalanche!  Once the kids receive their coat, the fun doesn’t end there! They can ham it up at the photo booth while they pose with their new duds and cool winter dress up accessories.

Snowgrrl will continue to feature companies that do good and do well, in addition to some reviews of awesome products from the 2016/17 line that we had the chance to sneak preview and test!