Initial Post – What is a SnowGrrl?

SnowGrrl started as the brainchild of a Denver attorney, long-time skier and fashion afficionado.

Our editorial purpose is simple:

To you bring you fashion news for the world of skiing for the casual skier with a sense of style.

We inaugurated coverage in 2014, at the SIA Snow Show, meeting and working with dozens of gear and equipment makers.

SnowGrrl picked only a handful of items to present to our readers.

And we have continued to write for you, working not only with manufacturers and the skiing industry’s top convention, but starting in 2015, will be working with the resorts and slopes themselves to bring you what works in ski fashion.

And if you wish to be don the industry’s latest, write about it and hang out at the ‘coolest’ places on the slopes, then you may be a SnowGrrl too.   (Do you want to be a SnowGrrl?)

SnowGrrl has partnered with RelbanE Publications to generate further interest in skiing fashion and we look  forward to growing our ranks of SnowGrrls.

See you on the slopes!