Outdoor Tech Portable Power Bank review

Portable Power Bank for phone charging and flashlight
Portable Power Bank

Initial reaction

Snowgrrl sometimes gets inundated with opportunities to review the latest and greatest products.  Outdoor Tech’s Portable Power Bank caught my attention because of the product’s usefulness.  When running around town or up on the mountain trying to capture the perfect shot/story, I depend on my phone.  I freak out when my battery life is less than 20%, so I thought a portable power charger would come in handy.  I felt excited about testing the product and writing an Outdoor Tech Portable Power Bank review.  The portable power product looks durable and compact.  It weighs about the same as my wallet – not feather light, but not as heavy as a brick, either.

Where was the portable power bank tested?

Yoga in the fresh air – City Park, Denver

I tested the durable, functional product in Denver’s City Park.  I was engaged by MindBody to create a series of photos capturing “wellness in Denver.”  For this project, I ran all over town, including to parks, Red Rocks, gyms and outdoor fitness classes.  I used the Kodiak Plus Ultra one night when I grabbed this shot of yoga at City Park.  I was happy with the photo, but spent some time after trying to get images of cyclists and soccer players as the sun was setting.  By the time I finished, it was dark and I needed a light to help me get back to my car.

Technical Specifications

  • The Kodiak Plus Ultra packs 12,800 mAh of rechargeable power
  • 100 lm of light
  • Dimensions (Overall): 7.56 inches (L) x 5.12 inches (W) x 1.57 inches (D)
  • Volts: 5 Volts 
  • Battery Capacity: 12800 (mAh) 
  • Rechargeable: Yes

How did it perform?

The Kodiak Plus Ultra lit a bright path for me to follow.  I charged it up at home several weeks before testing it.  I was also very happy that the product did not discharge and still had a lot of juice to both power my phone and light my way back to my car.  I decided that I will keep this in my car for emergencies.

Room for Improvement?

Everyone always wants technology to come in a smaller, lighter package and this power bank is no different.  It is totally functional in current form, but would be even more portable in a smaller, more lightweight format.

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