Trilipiderm: healthy all-body skin protection

Trilipiderm lotionJust as Supergoop! was created by women intimately familiar with the potential damage high altitude can wreak on our skin, the TriLipid Research Institute hailing from the city that is home to Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, knows the importance of skin hydration.  These folks created a remarkable moisturizer, trilipiderm®, to endure the mountains’ harsh environmental elements.  By using various plants such as Meadowfarm, Abyssinian and Jojoba, the TriLipid team combined the best of nature and science working in harmony to heal dry skin and prevent its return.

Snowgrrl sampled trilipiderm’s All-Body Moisture Retention Crème, and it is great!  The odor-free formula is richly moisturizing, and the specific combination of active ingredients does fancy things like mimic skin cell structure and re-establishes the skin’s natural barrier to water loss.  Each trilipiderm® product is free of “bad stuff” such as parabens, mineral oil, titanium dioxide and petrolatum.  Most importantly to snowgrrl, the lotion helps your skin feel moisturized all day, on or off the mountain, so dry, flaky/scaly post-ski skin is a thing of the past.