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United by Blue Cleanup Day

Anyone who knows me, knows that I take my responsibility to the planet seriously.  Some may consider me a bit judgmental of those who don’t share that particular view.  I once hiked with a guy who left a Starbucks cup at a trail head.  He assumed that the park ranger would eventually find it and pick it up.  That was a big black mark against him in my book.  Yes, I’m the girl who picks up trash along the Cherry Creek trail when I take my dog for long walks there.

United By Blue – Commitment to Cleanup

Just like I pick up trash sometimes on the trail, so do the employees and volunteers organized by United By Blue.  I was thrilled to discover that a company out there shares my “make the world better” philosophy.  United By Blue pledges to remove one pound of trash means per items sold.  This means that the company periodically gathers their team and like-minded volunteers to pick up plastic bottles, tires, appliances, and even abandoned trucks, from rivers, streams, creeks, and beaches.

Taking plastic out of our waterways at a United by Blue cleanup

The plastic problem that United By Blue aims to help curb threatens both human and animal health on our planet.  Earlier this year, 60 Minutes reported on the massive amount of discarded plastic piling up around the world and pooling in the ocean.  Over eight million tons of plastic enter our waterways each year. Plastic bottles alone make up 1.5 million tons of plastic waste annually.

In line with their social consciousness, United By Blue is also a Certified B-Corp., In addition to their pledge to remove one pound of trash for every product sold, the company holds suppliers to specific environmental standards, offers employees paid time off for community service, and over uses office supplies primarily made from recycled content.

Wearing the Bison Utility Jacket on a chilly spring Denver day.

Let’s Not Forget the Clothes…

Oh!  And the clothes.  Let’s not forget the clothes.  As you can imagine, the company thoughtfully sources materials like organic cotton, bison, and recycled polyester.  I had the opportunity to try the Bison Utility Jacket and Trails not Rules sweatshirt.  Shoulder season has begun, and it is the perfect time to try out these transitional items.  The Bison Utility jacket combines the ranching industry’s often discarded material with heavyweight canvas for a sturdy, functional piece.  It felt a little stiff the first time I wore it, but the bison felt on the yoke kept me warm on a windy day.  The jacket softened up a little the second time I wore it.  I believe it will continue to get softer and more comfortable over time.  The jacket’s many pockets (chest, hip slide pockets, and interior chest pocket with zipper closure) provide ample room to store essentials.

Following trails, not rules, at the Hotel Talisa in Vail, Colorado.

The Trails Not Rules sweatshirt, on the other hand, was soft and comfortable from the get-go.  Made of an organic cotton/recycled poly blend, the top broadcasts the most important life rule to follow!  I have worn this sweatshirt around Denver and Vail, and everywhere I go, people compliment me and ask me where I got it.

United By Blue is truly a company with a mission, and the items they sent go in the permanent section of this snowgrrl’s closet.

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