Confessions of a sick blogger

Bear outside OR Colorado Convention Center
Big Bear outside Outdoor Retailer SnowShow at the Colorado Convention Center

Demo Days at Copper Mountain.

Keeping up with snowgrrl is not always easy.  I have a full time job as an IP lawyer, albeit with my own practice, and so many other demands on my time.  I know that the more frequently we post content, the more page views we get.  The more page views we get, the higher the website will be ranked in search engines.  And the higher the website is ranked, the more brands and destinations want to collaborate. Nonetheless, it has been challenging to post over the last several weeks.

SnowShow and More

Almost a month ago now, the SnowShow hit Denver, followed by demo days at Copper Mountain.  For those not familiar, the Outdoor Retailer/SnowShow is a chance for folks in the industry to convene and connect over the latest gear, materials, sourcing, and technology.  It’s also a great opportunity to see your friends in the industry, with sponsored parties, meals and happy hours at every turn.  I enjoyed the SnowShow and checking out the new gear.  Since I’m not as interested in hard gear as apparel and accessories, I didn’t participate in the demo at Copper this year, but I walked around the village to visit sponsors’ booths and get a feel for the new items.  Then, I immediately headed to Breckenridge.  I skied with an awesome guide one day, then a friend came up to join me.  Well, that friend was on the tail end of an upper respiratory infection, and guess what?  A few days later, I found myself coughing and sneezing too.  Usually, I am very healthy.  But, I am STILL getting over this stupid cold!  I caught his bug.  Alas, I confess I have neglected the blog.  I have mostly been working, drinking soup, and sleeping.

Show Highlights

shoes, shearling boots, and wool slippers displayed at the 2019 Outdoor Retailer snowshow

Shoes of the Snow Show: Teva, Lamo, Giesswein, Pak’Ems

So, my summary of the show and favorite items seen there is quite belated.  Please forgive me!  I enjoyed seeing my friends at NILS, celebrating their 40th anniversary this year with some throwback designs – one piece ski suits, anyone?!  The fashion show featured sparkly sleek duds from S’no Queen and others.  Lamo and Giesswein displayed comfy and cute shoes.   I am an over-the-top super organized person (Marie Kondo, watch out!) so Ogio‘s customizable, compartmentalized luggage appealed to me.  Showers Pass’ magnetic closure mittens sparked my interest and I tried them out on the slopes the following week.  I checked out some heated gloves and apparel from Mobile WarmingTeva’s new line, commemorating the Grand Canyon, stood out in its colorful glory.  I was also curious to check out United by Blue‘s sustainably made line, and to learn about Purist‘s idea of making water battles celebrating the “pure” taste of water while giving back to surrounding communities.

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