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Testing Rynoskin in Beaver Creek

Editor’s note:  Snowgrrl has been lucky to engage reviewers who are passionate about testing outdoor products and writing comprehensive reviews.  However, that is not always the case.  In this instance, most of the content about Rynoskin comes from the manufacturer.

About Rynoskin Total Insect Protection Clothing

Snowgrrl has tried other mosquito-repellent products such as the Para-kito wrist band, which offers an easy and natural solution.  Coated apparel is another option, which we were excited to hear about and test.  Rynoskin was designed to be worn as a base layer beneath clothing to provide protection from insects.  This provides the wearer with comfort, breathability, stealth movement and eliminates snags against brush.  The insect protection clothing stretches to fit different body sizes.

Initial reaction & testing location

I wore the Rynoskin insect protection long sleeve shirt first on my patio in Denver and I noticed that the bugs were not biting me like crazy.  Normally, I rely on Deet and citronella candles surrounding me to protect me from insects.  I wore the shirt for the second time in the mountains – Beaver Creek, Colorado.  Walking and hiking with the long sleeve shirt under my jacket proved easy and comfortable.

Technical specifications

Unlike over-garment type insect protection suits, Rynoskin Total is ultra-lightweight body-forming, cool, and comfortable.  Rynoskin has aimed to eliminate the hot, noisy apparel outdoor enthusiasts have become accustomed to when pursuing activities like hunting or fishing in swampy, moist areas rife with mosquitos.  and snag against the brush Rynoskin Total is chemical free. It is completely safe to use and it’s effectiveness does not wash out over time. The suit protects its wearer through the weave of the fabric.  The form fitting elastic cuffs create a barrier against biting insects. This body suit is so comfortable that the wearer will forget that they’re wearing it.  The manufacturer also promises:

  • 98% bite resistance against Mosquitoes when worn as a base layer
  • Extremely effective against TICKS, CHIGGERS, BITING FLIES, ANTS, etc…
  • Sizes available for small children starting at 2X small to Large adults up to 4XL

Performance/Room for improvement

The Rynoskin shirt is very comfortable and light.  My only problem was that it is totally transparent, so I would not be able to wear it by itself.

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  1. Thanks for the comment about it being transparent. I was hoping to wear it by itself, also.

    • Glad that was helpful! We think it would be fine with a sports bra underneath, but if you are on the shy side, maybe not . . .

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