Ski Resolutions

This advice applies to the slopes and to life!

With the New Year comes the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and consider 2019 resolutions.  I offer, for your consideration, nine ski resolutions you should think about adopting.  I plan to check off at least a few of these!

  1. I will lose weight.  Gear weight, that is.  With all of the advances in technology, there is no reason to stomp around in heavy, outdated gear.   From ski boots to super lightweight jackets, significant changes in manufacturing and textiles have impacted the apparel and equipment we use on the slopes.
  2. I will keep (my gear) in shape.  I will tune my skis a few times a season, get the bindings checked, clean and repair the rest of my gear as needed.
  3.  I will save more and spend less.  I always get my pass at the beginning of the season.  If you have gear and live near or will visit a ski resort, you will ski at least four time a year.   Calculations and price vary depending on the time of year and resort, but it is almost always worthwhile to invest in a season pass.  Other ways to save money on the slopes include packing a PBJ instead of buying an expensive lunch on the hill.  You could also consider joining a ski club or group that has discounted group tickets.
  4. I will get organized.  I made this handy list which I now check off before each ski day.   My gear will remain in the same place in my closet so I don’t run around looking for things five minutes before departure.  Recently, I couldn’t find my poles and ended up using collapsible hiking poles for a ski day.  Do not attempt that yourself.  The poles collapsed (big surprise) and were useless.
  5. I will wear appropriate gear.  For every skier, regardless of ability, this includes a helmet. Wearing a helmet can protect your noggin when you inevitably tumble down the mountain.  No one wants a traumatic brain injury!  Regardless of how confident you’re feeling, there’s always someone who is out of control.  Which brings me to my next ski resolution:
  6.  I will ski in control.  Learning how to regulate speed is the key ski slope safety, enjoyment and improvement.  Feel like straightlining?  Fine (unless you’re in a “slow zone” with signs prohibiting it).  But watch out for that skier or snowboarder who comes out of nowhere and please be able to stop if you need to.  Likewise, unless you are truly a double black diamond skier, please don’t waste ski patrol’s resources attempting to jump off of a cliff to impress your friends. . . but . . .
  7. I will push myself.  No need to cruise the blues all day long.  The only way to improve is to try something new, right?  Asking your expert-level friend to critique your form on a few runs or taking a lesson can both result in improved skills.  Or, once you’re warmed up, just try a steeper slope, some moguls, or a new part of the mountain.  Either way, time goes by, so why not try?  I resolve to improve my skiing ability in 2019.
  8. I will explore new places.  Personally, I am lucky enough to have an Epic Pass, which now includes Telluride, Whistler B.C., as well as several resorts across Europe.  I just happen to have a friend living and skiing in Switzerland.  So in 2019, I resolve to check out at least one new ski resort.
  9. I will be kinder.  To the planet and to others.  I will strive to buy apparel and gear that is made thoughtfully.  I will find a new home for my old gear.  I will let that guy in a big rush who practically tramples me, or those first-time skiers so excited to begin their day, cut ahead of me in the lift line.
  10. I will focus on form.  Even when I’m with friends that are faster than me, I’ll try to maintain good form.  Turns, edging, pole position and posture all make for better form.


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  1. Thank you for number 6 and 10! those are hugely important and if everyone worked those goals the mountain would be a much better place to ski & ride. Please stay safe out there – always!

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