White high top textile sneakers

Barefoot lifestyle shoes

Here’s a question:  do you like cushioned shoes or do you prefer the barefoot feel?  For most of my life, I’ve worn shoes with padded soles.  Cushioning seemed especially important back when I ran half…

woman jumping in snow with small white dog

Windproof gear

Ah, Colorado weather!  One minute sunshine, the next wind and snow.  With such unpredictability, weatherproof apparel is a must.  On windy day with alternating sunshine and snow, I tried out the new GORE® Wear, developed…

How to Telemark: part 2

Editor’s note:  Editor’s note:  Tracie Max Sachs reports from the Swiss Alps on her telemark lessons in two parts.  This installment focuses on practicing telemark skiing and reactions from onlookers. Ready Set . . ….

Driveway of hotel with snow on roof

Free hotel stays via Bonvoy Rewards

Free/comped stays Some influencers love the “free travel” showcased on their feeds.   However, the adage that there’s no such thing as a free lunch (or expensive swag) rings true here.  Do certain people with an…