Packable boot review

Lounging by fireplace with cozy boots
"Testing" the boots

Review of Pakems Women’s Cortina – Brickell

Reviewed by “QUICK CHICK” , Tracie Max Sachs

Tracie, a 5 time World Cup Champion in Speed Skiing, reviewed packable boots by Pakems. She is the American Women’s record holder, and 4th fastest woman in the history of skiing. She is currently a ski instructor at the Swiss Ski School of Verbier.

Description of packable boots from the manufacturer:

The manufacturer touts these boots as “light as a feather and can be packed down to fit in any suitcase or backpack.” Lightweight EVA outsole with rubber pods offers great traction. Faux-fur lining and a reflexive foam foot bed for warmth and comfort. A built-in storage pocket protects essentials, allowing you to secure cash, credit cards, keys, and cell phones.

Initial reaction:

I wanted to see if the boots meet the manufacturer’s claims. Out of the package, I thought the Pakems packable boots were adorable. I liked the materials, found the quality good, and the style fun.  The colors in the Cortina Brickell go perfectly with a pair of jeans or any color leggings. I loved the soft faux fur lining and thought it was cute that they can be worn full height or even folded down to show off the fur. They came with a nylon storage bag for easy packing, which I thought was a novel idea.

The nylon bag and pockets are great additions for the packable boots. I love pockets, and the zippered pocket is awesome for when you don’t want to carry your essentials in a purse. These packable boots are definitely lightweight.  Because they are so light, these would be perfect as camp shoes on an expedition like climbing Kilimanjaro for after climbing when you are hanging around in the tent and around camp. They weigh your bags on expeditions like that and every ounce counts. I would take these in a heartbeat. Caution: these packable boots would NOT be appropriate for hiking.

Test Conditions:

Lounging by fireplace with cozy boots
“Testing” the boots

I wore the packable boots indoors, outdoors, in the rain, sun, snow, pretty much everywhere. I found the best use for them was really around the house, lounging around and for a quick walk with the dog. Because they offer little support, they are not replacements for hiking boots. Nonetheless, these packable boots make a great addition to your après ski, après hiking gear. I found them warm, fun to wear, and they really didn’t slip at all in the rain. I didn’t wear them too much on snow, but I think they would be ok for light snow, not ice.


  • Lightweight
  • Packable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy on and off
  • Great color
  • Cute style
  • Pocket good for cash and ID


  • Size only comes in half size, website recommends down sizing. I’m a size 7.5, so I down sized, but I wish I up sized. After a long day of skiing, I prefer to have a little extra room than to have my après shoes be tight. I can get in the 7, but an 8 would’ve been more comfortable, especially if you have thicker socks.
  • The pocket is cool, but it is not for contemporary sized phones. The largest I could get to fit was my old iPhone 5SE.


I would highly recommend these boots for anyone who travels. I would also recommend them not only for the sporty woman, but for anyone who needs a pair of comfy boots for around the house, daily chores, picking up the kids, and playing with your furry friends. They are perfect for any après aside the slopes and by a fire place, or by your tent and the fire pit. At $49.00, the price is right and these boots can be an essential accent to any gear for any sport or daily activity. I would size up though, not down. All other shoes I have are size 7.5 and I find the size 7 to be a bit snug. They are a much cuter and sporty alternative to the popular sheepskin booties that have been around for a while. I actually got quite a few compliments on them when wearing them around my ski town. I give them a “thumbs up”.

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