Sweet Protection Helmet Review

Woman wearing ski helmet with mountains behind her
Testing the Sweet Protection helmet in the Swiss Alps

Item Reviewed:  Sweet Protection Switcher Helmet 

Reviewed by “QUICK CHICK” , Tracie Max Sachs

Woman wearing ski helmet in front of mountains

Helmet testing on a sunny ski day

Tracie is a 5 time World Cup Champion in Speed Skiing. She is the American Women’s record holder, and 4th fastest woman in the history of skiing. She is currently a ski instructor at the Swiss Ski School of Verbier.

Initial Reaction:

Oh how sweet it is! I loved testing this helmet.  It was lightweight, easy to adjust and very comfortable.  I could hear well, and felt safe and comfortable while skiing everywhere from the baby slopes to my ski exam conditions off piste.  I even fell head over heels in the powder and it stayed in place well, had no impact issues and felt entirely at one with the helmet.  Overall, I found this a trusty piece of gear that I would recommend to others.

Helmet technical specifications:

  1. 3D shaped vented lining, moisture wicking, removable, washable

    Side view of the helmet and vents.

  2. Wide Split divider, adjustable
  3. Fidlock magnetic hook buckle
  4. Fully box constructed ear pads, molded hearing ports
  5. Audio ready system
  6. Occigrip turn dial fit system

Test Conditions:

Woman wearing ski helmet and goggles in mountain setting with evergreen trees

Testing the helmet while “on duty”

To test the Sweet Protection helmet for my review, I truly gave full-on test of every type of condition you could possibly imagine from warm, super sunny hot spring-like conditions, to freezing rain, to sleet and snow, to frigid bitter alpine conditions.  I tested the helmet in the Swiss Alps during the month of December 2018 and beginning of January 2019.  I wore it during private lessons I gave at the Swiss Ski School of Verbier as well as skiing on my own, and during a Swiss Snowsports upper level certification class I was taking to improve my own skiing.


Light weight (comfortable)

Magnetic clasp (easy to attach)

Easy to open vents (can go from hot to cool quickly)

Adjustable size (easy to fit)

Washable liner (keep it clean)

40% off crash replacement – If you have a bad crash the company will give you 40% off on your new helmet. That’s a great deal in the interest of saving lives. (you only have one head


When vents are open at a little bit of speed, there is a whistling sound that is quite loud inside the helmet.

Top view of Sweet Protection helmet with vents

In the rain, the ear flaps got very wet and were cold.

The chin strap kept getting loose so I had to check it fairly frequently.


This helmet is available from the manufacturer for slightly less than US $200.00.  I feel this is a fair price for the average skier.  It’s a very good helmet and will be comfortable for most skiers.  The model I tried was a women’s size s/m.  I personally favor hard cover ear panels, but I was surprised how comfortable this helmet was and easy to fit for my narrow framed face.  I truly enjoyed it and highly recommend it for general ski conditions in all weather.  The versatility it provides with being able to quickly open the vents if it gets hot, really makes it an asset to your winter gear.

Ski hard, be safe, have fun!





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